Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to revise this Privacy Policy in order to comply with any applicable European regulations, in order to utilise new technologies and or to improve your experience

Please refer to this policy to remain up to date

When you access our website:

Our website uses cookies to store and collect information about your usage of the website in order to enhance your online experience and to help us improve the quality of our services

Your computer / device will automatically send us information such as the URL on our Website that you have visited, your IP address, your browser type and language, and the date and time of your request

Personal details:

We only collect personal information if you register on the Website or via our report booking system. All information is stored confidentially by us and only used by us in order to provide you with access to our products, services and information that is relevant to your use of our services and or may be of interest to you

Your personal details will never be passed on to any other companies or third parties including affiliates and will never be added to any third party mailing lists or databases

Booking system

This information is protected via SSL network encryption and falls under the same privacy as above. We do not sell or disclose any private or customer data to any company or third party

When you contact us

If you contact us via email, your details are stored by us in order for us to deal with your enquiry and to aid and or improve our customer support services.

Under GDPR you have the ‘right ot be forgotten’ please refer to our GDPR Policy for further information

Your account

If using the booking system you can update your account details from your My Account page, make amendments to your information and or cancel your account at any time.

Users will be limited to only seeing the information applicable to the facilities and or the task at hand in order to carry out said task. It is your responsibility to ensure private data is kept private from logged in users

Alerts / automatic emails from the booking system can be managed via your settings on the My Account page

As a user of the booking system you will receive platform or app revision updates and or news and information specific to the account

Protecting your information

Our booking system provider uses secure cloud architecture to protect all the information you provide us with and all information you enter is protected from access by any third party and only necessary and restricted access is available internally

Please contact us via email if you require further information

GDPR Policy - May 2018

Policy Statement

All necessary steps have been taken to ensure that all personal data we collect complies (where applicable) with the GDPR regulations taking effect from 25th May 2018

We only use the information to provide the services requested, maintain records and, if agreed, to send marketing information

We do not disclose any information to any company for any other reason unless required to do so by law

Our Policy Details and Procedures

As directed by the Information Commissioner's Office guidance and GDPR recitals; we are deemed as being “controllers” of personal data.

We are registered with the ICO:


Registration reference: ZA347051

A copy of the registration certificate is available on request

If, for any reason, you are not happy with how we collect and or use your data you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). We, however, would like the opportunity to resolve any issues before you make such a complaint but fully respect your right to make such a complaint 

As defined by GDPR recital:

Personal data will include tenant and landlord information which is provided either directly or indirectly by the commissioning authority (client) in regards to a works order, email, telephone which is then captured manually within our booking system, app and or spreadsheets depending on the task

This information is used solely for the purpose of carrying said tasks and is defined as being “information necessary to fulfil the terms of a contract”

Any personal information held by us will only be stored for as long as is required which in most cases will only be until the specific task / tenancy end date has been reached

At point of checkout (or if the tenancy does not require a checkout but we are notified) all unrequired personal data is deleted

How data is collected:

  • Via app / tablet at the property with tenants permission (usually during check out process)
  • Via report booking system with information as provided by the landlord, tenant and or managing agent / instructing party
  • Via email, telephone during booking process and any subsequent follow up appointments

How data is stored:

  • Via our booking platform database hosted by Amazon in Ireland (see Amazon Web Services & GDPR)
  • Via our booking platform email server (omitting telephone numbers) as a registration email copy; hosted by Google (see Google & GDPR)
  • Via password and encrypted templates hosted by Google Drive (see
  • Via protected and encrypted static computer based spreadsheets

When is data shared:

  • Only with authorised clerks / third party contractors when carrying out the booking instructions / specific task
  • On the booking system with related parties such as landlords / managing agents and external contractors who are provided minimal personal data to fulfil the terms of our contract with you

We do not transfer data outside of the EU or EEA

Who data is shared with:

  • Clerks
  • Landlords
  • Managing / Letting agents
  • EPC assessors
  • Legionella Risk Assessors

Why data is used:

The information that you supply to us may be used:

  • To allow us and or our subcontractors to fulfil the terms of our contract with you
  • For feedback on service levels provided

Access to data:

  • All clients / users of the booking system including clerks have password protected logins with access to their information only
  • Clerks when completing their tasks which may include confirming with the tenant / landlord / managing agent the appointment details
  • Access is limited to the specific task only

No other business or entity has or will have access to personal data stored unless express permission is given and or to comply with any lawful request

Your rights:

Right to rectification – Users of the booking system are able to edit account information at any time through the dashboard and or profile

Right to be forgotten – Users of the booking system: you may cancel and terminate your booking account at any time. If you terminate your account, you will be offered to permanently erase all of your data.

After receiving a request to be forgotten, we will permanently delete your account and or all associated data within 30 days of receiving the request

Right of portability – Users of the booking system: if requested, we can export your data so it can be transferred to a third party. The booking system also provides the ability to keep copies of your reports as PDF for each report completed

Right to object – At any time, you may object to your personal data being used for specific purposes such as direct marketing, research, etc, via your booking account profile and or upon request via email

Right of access – We aim to be totally transparent about the data we have and how we use it. Subject Access Requests (SAR) should be sent to in the first instance.

All such requests must be replied to within 40 calendar days of receiving the request as set out in the ICO Subject Access Request Code of Practice (see SAR Code of Practice )

Data Protection Officer

Although not required under current guidelines for GDPR we have a nominated DPO in order to ensure access to customer’s data is protected and Subject Access Requests (SAR) are managed

Refer to our Privacy Policy for information on what data we collect and how that data is used

You can contact us at any time if you wish to access or edit your data or if you have any questions about your data and how it is being used

For more information explaining how we use your information please contact