Why give a business card when a footprint will do?

Had a rather unfortunate incident recently during a check out. 

I started out by completing my usual tour of a rather large 5 bed plus property to ensure I understood the layout as the inventory report was less than useless (not mine!) and trying to figure out which room was where as the originating company started at the dining room door rather than the main entrance? #gofigure 

Whilst reviewing a weirdly configured inner lobby, cellar and downstairs shower room I re entered the kitchen only to find white marks all over the floor! Upon closer inspection they were wet footprints and then had the stark realisation that they were mine! Tracking back to where they started I quickly realised that the outgoing tenants had repainted the step up to the inner lobby but hadn't stuck a note nearby to say the paint was still wet! 

So there I am trying to clean up gloss with a hand wipe and spare towel as funnily enough white spirit isn't part of my little box of tricks! As I navigated the remainder of the property I found wet gloss on the skirting and door frames as well as unmatched paint on walls. 

Luckily the kitchen floor has ceramic tiles but it all went in my report along with a huge apology to the landlord and managing agent and a genuine offer to go back and clean if required. 

So; I've decided not to flaff around trying to find a small piece of paper with my details on it; my size 7 magnum footprint is going to be my new calling card!!